Minimum Severe Reporting Criteria

- All tornado, rotating wall cloud, etc.
- All hail reports allowed.
- Only measured wind speeds and/or gusts greater than 50 mph
- All severe hydro related events (flooding, flash flood, etc). Reports should include impacts with 4" minumum water depth.
- All notable damage generated from a storm. Description must use quantifiable measures. Damage must be from current storm, see NOT allowed section for details.
- All tropical reports, IF they have a significant impact.

What is NOT allowed

- No test reports. Yes this means you!
- No relay reports. First hand reports only!
- No reports delayed more than 20 minutes. Real-time reports only.
- No lightning reports
- Do not report power flashes as damage. Only report damage you directly see. - No heat reports.
- No "sky is clear" reports.
- No "storm is getting stronger/weaker" reports.
- No fog reports.
- No radar based reports. We have radar, too.
- No reports of what you are hearing on scanner / ham radio / TV
- No rain measurements unless you believe it constitutes flood conditions.
    Please use CoCoRaHS for precipitation reports!
- No general information like "storm is crossing the Georgia border"
- No winter reports as of spring 2022. Please utilize CoCoRaHS or mPING to report winter weather.

What do the red/yellow/green icons indicate?

Very Bad Report Very bad report. Bordering on a reason to be banned
Acceptable Report Acceptable Report. Could be better for some reason, but perfectly acceptable.
Good Report Good report. Proper detail and good information. Thanks for your contribution!