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The Spotter Network is dedicated to bringing storm spotters, storm chasers, coordinators and public servants together in a seamless network of information. We strive to provide accurate position data of spotters and chasers for coordination/reporting which in turn provides ground truth to public servants engaged in the protection of life and property. The network is a combination of locally installed software for position and status reporting, and web based processing and mapping.

The SN is officially an Illinois registered Non-Profit corporation, but run as an organization of like minded individuals taking input from the various communities that it serves and making the output available to any and all who are interested in severe weather.
The SN has a Board of Directors and an advisory committee made up of the following individuals.

Board of Directors
Tyler Allison - Original Developer of the Spotter Network
Paul Sirvatka - Professor of Meteorology, College of DuPage
Gilbert Sebenste - Staff Meteorologist, Northern Illinois University
Joshua Jans - Private Meteorologist (Director of Training)

Advisory Committee
Albert Pietrycha - Meteorologist NWS Goodland, KS (NWS Liason)
Rick Smith - Meteorologist NWS Norman, OK (NWS Liason)
Tanja Franson - Meteorologist NWS Glasgow, MT
Gary Woodall - Meteorologist NWS Phoenix, AZ
Evan Bookbinder - Meteorologist NWS Springfield, MO
Scott Blair - Meteorologist NWS Topeka, KS
John Wetter - SKYWARN operations coordinator NWS Chanhassen, MN
Rob Dale - Meteorologist WLNS Channel 6, Lansing/Jackson, MI
Greg Stumpf - Research Meteorologist University of Oklahoma
Andrew Revering - Private Meteorologist, software developer
Randy Denzer - Fire Fighter / Emergency Response Trainer (Director of Public Safety Affairs)
Laura Hedien - Fire Fighter / Photographer / EMT
Chris Novy - Severe Weather Trainer / Emergency Management
Ben Holcomb - Storm Chaser
Craig Curlee - Storm Chaser
Brett Adair - Storm Chaser

Though National Weather Service staff and offices utilize the data that flows through the network, the Spotter Network is in no way sanctioned or affiliated with the NWS nor any of the other government agencies that benefit from spotter information and coordination efforts.

The original Spotter Network went operational in April 2006 and quickly grew to over 100 spotters. Since that time, several National Weather Service employees and other officials have taken an interest in the capabilities it brings to them to integrate ground truth provided by spotters into their operational responsibilities. All at ZERO cost to them. Subsequent versions of the network expanded the coordinator and reporting capabilities and the NWS eSpotter integration was completed in early September 2006.

Spotter Network in action!
A hurricane chaser heading in

3 spotters team up to work a storm

25 spotters on the same storm!