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How can I help Support the Spotter Network?

The Spotter Network is an Illinois Non-Profit Organization. We are not a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization...yet. We're working on that!

Much like any organization, we have expenses we have to cover to make sure the Spotter Network stays operational. All the labor to build and maintain the Spotter Network has been provided by volunteers. But we do on occasion have to buy things like server(s), banners, misc business stuff to name a few things.

To offset some of our costs we do ask people and companies to help pay for those expenses. Here are a couple ways we do that:


We accept donations! Use the 'Donate' button above.

Advertise with us!

The 468x60 pixel headline banner ad is featured at the top of every page. The ad will go into shared rotation with other ads (typically about three others, but you can refresh the forum page to get an idea of how many other ads there are). We charge $50/month.
You can pay by check, credit card or paypal subscription. We do not garuntee the number of impressions you will get but we have in excess of 20,000 members with literally tens of thousands of impressions a month and growing.